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About NYUZ

NYUZ (pronounced news) is a pioneering business enterprise in the area of Retail Jewellery Services. Founded in 2005 by Navin Sadarangani, it is evolving everyday with a vision "To become the Preferred Jewellery Retail Service Provider" .

At inception, the whole idea of Jewellery Retail Services was non-existent and hence the deliberated move was to offer Training of Frontline Retail Sales Personnel as its Core service and revenue generator. The mission quite clearly was "To influence the quality of management and service in the domestic jewellery sector, through quality coaching in this vastly unorganized trade".

Since 2005, NYUZ worked largely as a Training Provider to the likes of Gili, Nirvana, D'damas,TBZ, Anmol, Shobha Asar, DTC, PGI, and internationally even Rosy Blue in Dubai and Mustafa Jewellery in Singapore and many such players in the branded and the unbranded jewellery store category. Then NYUZ took on its complete emergence. Meaning, The coming of age of the 4C's of Jewellery Retail Services
A much neglected area of Coaching in the Jewellery Industry is that of Frontline Sales Personnel in the Retail Sector. Whether it is Sales, Management, Merchandising, Operations, all of it has never been put across in clear context to the new recruit
Strategic Retail Assistance is more like it, though Consultants are the people who assist in the process. Consultancy at NYUZ goes beyond mere ideation and even lends support in implementation.
Creative Retail Services:
This implies those services for which there is a need, but an existing service provider not readily or known to be available. For example, Window Dressing as a continual part of the Visual Merchandising Calendar or Stock Audit which goes beyond just looking and matching tags with computer printouts.
Concepts & Creations:
An exercise to help create jewellery concepts. Ideating from the targeted audience point of view to the design development, to creating sub-brand labels to props, packaging and collateral support.

The team at NYUZ comprises of a balanced set of jewellery industry enthusiasts with relevant exposure to the different facets of the industry. They come from a background that could be jewellery sales, or merchandising or HR. All NYUZ personnel are involved in helping to create a Human Resource Capital for the future of Organized Jewellery Retailing. The methodology involved is interactive with fun learning and the target audience is comfortable with the language of delivery.

The NYUZ infrastructure includes a well-equipped classroom unit with projection facilities and desk stations for the team. Centrally located, it is vibrant and allows for interactive learning and sharing of ideas. Great associations have been built up with jewellery industry experienced Graphic Design Outfits, Advertising Agencies, Architects, Website Development Companies, Packaging and Printing Vendors to allow for quick access in case a need exists.
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