On a Mission to Influence the quality of management & service

In The Jewellery Retail Sector

Knowledge isn't Copyright and neither are Skills.
Both are Transferable!

With the right Attitude, we at NYUZ, go about our mission training the frontline retail teams of leading jewellers like Anmol, Hazoorilal, Khimji, Aisshpra, Kundan, Kalasha, Newlight Jewellers, Harit Zaveri and many more. We have also done training for national brands like Malabar Gold & Diamonds, TBZ, Gili, Nirvana, Irasva. Trade Bodies like GJEPC, GJSCI, IIGJ, PGI, DTC have also sought our services to add on impetus in the trade. Publications and Media Houses like the Times of India Group, DNA, The Retail Jeweller, UBM, Economic Times, Femina, Hello have also onboarded us as Knowledge Partners for jewellery industry projects. On offer are the 4C's of Jewellery Retail Services.









Jewellery Sales Professionals Created


In 2005 , it was a matter of pride that we had the country’s largest brand at that time Gili, as our first client for Coaching, and a prestigious family jewellery house called Anmol Jewellers from Bandra as our first client for Consulting.

Today we have made a mark from Gujarat to Guwahati to Gorakhpur to Goa. We have even ventured into projects in Sri Lanka, Dubai and Singapore.

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NYUZ (pronounced news) is a pioneering business enterprise in the area of Jewellery Retail Services. Founded in 2005 by Navin Sadarangani it is evolving everyday with a vision “To become the Preferred Jewellery Retail Service Provider”

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Navin Sadarangani

At inception, the whole idea of Jewellery Retail Services was non-existent and hence the deliberated move was to offer Training of Frontline Retail Sales Personnel as its Core service and revenue generator.


the 4 C’s of Jewellery Retail Services

Awards & Rewards


We have many accolades, rewards and
awards in our kitty.

  • Outstanding Contribution to the Gem & Jewellery Industry by DNA in 2016
  • Outstanding Performance in the Gem & Jewellery Industry by the GJTCI in 2018
  • Jewellery Retail Knowledge Appreciation Award by The Retail Jeweller in 2019
  • Outstanding Contribution to the Industry at the Retail Jeweller Guild Awards in 2019
  • The Brand Impact Award by the Indian Achievers Forum in 2020
  • The Sindhi Chamber of Commerce Covid Game Changer Award in 2020
  • Entrepreneur Awards by Entrepreneur Excel in 2021
  • Training and Education Business of the year by Vyaapar Jagat in 2021

Nothing however beats the smile on our faces as a clients positive whisper into the trade.

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Is it possible to get trained staff from somewhere ?

Extremely Difficult to get ready trained jewellery sales people in an open market. Everyone who has the knowledge and the skills is already working for someone. If you choose to poach or hire with higher pay an employee who is already working with an existing jeweller,

I know I need help, but I don’t know what help I exactly need?

Till about a few years ago, Consulting in jewellery was unheard of. But now there are enough consultants in the jewellery space to help you in areas where you need help. Everybody who is a Consultant isn’t necessarily just a Brand Consultant.

How expensive is it to get a good window display done for my jewellery store ?

While advertising, social media, website development, exhibitions are all great tools of marketing, don’t ever forget the window display in-store and even on the outside. We spend tons of money on celebrities, newspaper ads and hoardings but hardly any on a consistent window display exercise.

Can you help me launch my own product brand in my store?

If you decide to launch your own special collection, NYUZ can help you with the entire Concepts and Creations process. This means that right from the need analysis to the product ideation, to the name, to the number of pieces in the collection, to the designs, to the kind of color schematics for the product brand,

Problems sab ke paas hai, Solutions koi share hi nahi karta… Aapki problem kya hai?


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