The past few years have been the toughest for the jewellery industry, what with the government coming down firmly on all its reforms. This however has worked to the advantage of the industry maybe, cause every jeweller has been pushed to do what we would have always wanted to do - professionalize. And what does that imply? Implies that serious efforts and money are now being spent on the back-end systems and streamlining, on human resource development and even marketing is getting more scientific in approach. Since most jewellers aren't open for outside interface, they have sought the help of NYUZ to consult and guide them through whats right for them in the current situation.


When it comes to Consulting by NYUZ, its only Navin that gets involved in helping you manage your business. This helps maintain and promote Confidentiality, and to build trust he also avoids taking on clients of conflicting interest in the region.

Navin's USP is that though he wasn't born in a jewellery family, he has lived the life of being a multi-faceted jeweller for 13 years as an employee with the Rosy Blue group owned Intergold. What this means is that unlike most business consultants who have management experience, Navin stands today with 30 years of jewellery experience across different facets of the jewellery industry. International Sales in SEEPZ, Platinum Jewellery Manufacturing in SEEPZ, Branded Jewellery Retail Chain set up of Orra then Intergold and Domestic Distribution Nationally for Hammer Plus. So almost all of his learning has been real world on live projects and experiences have been his teacher coupled with Idol Bosses and Varied Experiences as Educators.

Once on board, Consulting goes beyond just advising and doing everything that is feasible to help execute the plans that we have created together. All our plans, strategies and even execution is done with a process that goes Storming, Forming, Norming, Performing…and if deserving then Rewarding. The client, their teams and even Navin are totally involved in almost all phases. Since we are a small boutique outfit, we enjoy the speed and stealth of small companies and are able to get things going faster.


I believe that at the heart of every problem is People, and so it is with the Solutions. Most clients when they discuss awry Systems, its actually the absence of them, as they were never put right firmly in the first place. When they discuss inefficient staff, its actually staff that has been inducted minus the training and appointed minus a job profile. When they discuss complete absence of creativity in advertising, they fail to notice the seriousness of the brief that was to have been given in the first place. Just some of the basics that need to be put right, and I don't hesitate to get real about things, and even pointing the finger back at times. Being Real and having the Gift of Good Faith on my side allows them to look at my point of view with an open mind, earn their respect and build their business with more solidarity.

To deliver to a jeweller, all of his needs in the area of jewellery retail services, we do have very effective and efficient partners in the area of Advertising, Social Media, Visual Merchandising, Press Relationship and even Architects. Some interesting and long term Consulting projects that are worthy of mention are as below :

One of our favourite clients from Bandra in Mumbai, with who we worked closely for their transformation from a typical family jeweller to a progressive high-end diamond jewellery label. Right from helping to review their vision, to training, to identity development, to ad campaign construction, to celebrity associations, to back-end system management…Navin was involved completely in all facets of the business. Close comfort with Ishu Datwani, also led to a co-venture in the buying and building of a celeb cricket team called Pune Anmol Ratn.

AISSHPRA - Gorakhpur.
The group HARI PRASAD GOPI KRISHNA SARAF prides itself on being in the jewellery business much earlier than Independent India. From a very traditional family jewellery store which is based in the narrow Gopi Galli area in Gorakhpur to the very fancy pride of place store that is coming up in Park Road Gorakhpur, alongwith 3 more smaller franchisee operations in Basti, Padrauna, Dehariya, NYUZ has been instrumental in their thinking and progress. From Team Building at the frontline, to Business Goals setting, to leading the change in the market rules for hallmarked jewellery, advertising, press relations, and even towards future organised expansion, Navin has worked closely with the top and the bottom.

Babubhai and Nirmal Rawal are an established name in the Gold Wholesale markets from Zaveri Bazaar. It was Nirmal's vision to develop something beyond a mere collection and on collective brainstorming, it was decided that B. N. Jewellers would take the initiative to become the first plain platinum manufacturer from India and also from the traditional Zaveri Bazar market. Navin helped bridge the gap between PGI and B. N. Jewellers, and later also helped Nirmal to set up the platinum manufacturing operations at MIDC. Today B.N. Jewellers has become the premium supplier for all kinds of platinum jewellery including a dominance in the men's platinum jewellery range.

ORO - Mumbai & Dubai.
A young team led by the Pahuja brothers who were able to immediately connect because of their energy levels and their willingness to adapt to newer realities of the trade. Navin was involved in the early years in their distribution plans, brand creation and development, expansion plans and support development overseas in the UAE.


Besides the names mentioned above, Navin has been involved in some long term and project based Consulting with many leading jewellery names across the country. Most of them have been traditional family jewellers who have sought help to become progressive jewellery retailers like Pandit Jewellers-Bulandshahr, Kalasha Fine Jewels - Hyderabad, Mahesh Notandass - Mumbai, Hazoorilal Legacy - Delhi, Karan Kothari - Nagpur, Khimji Jewellers - Bhubaneshwar, Shobha Shringar Jewellers - Mumbai, SS Jewellers - Gurgaon and many more. Even trade bodies like NDC, Publication Houses like DNA and WWM Group and Television Networks like Aaj Tak have engaged the Consulting services of NYUZ for specific projects.


What kind of Consulting does NYUZ do for Jewellers?
Most jewellery retailers think of Consultants largely as Brand Consultants. However Navin Sadarangani from NYUZ helps you with almost every strategic help that you need. It could begin with helping you understand on how a vision and corporate identity is to be formulated, to human resource planning and management, to effective merchandising and marketing, to systems and processes for back-end and even reports and dashboards that you need to have at access.

How long will it take to make my business professional?
Most consulting projects across all areas of retail management can take around 1.5 years if there is serious interest, inclination and participation from the Core of the company. It would also need the support of Middle Level Management for effective execution.

Is it possible to seek help only for Marketing Consultancy ?
Yes, we do engage in strategic retail consulting if required, only in the areas where you may seek help.

Is the Consulting process online or offline ? And how often do we meet?
Almost all our Consulting projects are in the real-world and offline. This means that we travel to your location and our meetings happen in your stores and offices. In most cases, we have a minimum of 2 meetings every month.

How much do you charge for Consulting ?
The charges for consulting depend on the nature, period and involvement. The retainer fees however are structured in a manner wherein it would cost the client roughly around Rs 10000/- per hour plus the travel and stay charges as maybe required from time to time.

Is Coaching of staff included in the Consulting Fees ?
Coaching, which actually refers to training of your retail sales and back-end personnel is a separate fee and is not part of the Consultancy Retainer that is fixed for every month. Training of Sales Staff is a cost per candidate fee that is charged for every program that will have a minimum batch size of 10 candidates.


For any enquiries do write in to us at navins@nyuz.com

or call NYUZ on our landline on 91-22-66944369.